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EMDC 2024 Thailand Registration

Pre-EMDC 22-25 May, EMDC 27-30 May, Post-EMDC 01-04 June

Early registration is only $80 and free to many who qualify!*

When you are ready to register here’s what you’ll need:

  • The full name of all persons that you are registering
  • Your registration dates, events, and costs.  See them here.**
  • Your preference for a room, if staying at Horizon. See rooms here.***
  • Your passport number (if staying at Horizon or needing visa assistance)****
  • Your arrival/ departure dates (you can add flight info at a later date)
  • Your preference for pre- or post- Training Tracks, if attending either or both of them. See them here.
  • Your means of payment. (credit card, transfer, other) *****

Ready to register?  Go to

*Each participants pays travel and room and board, either on site or off-site if you arrange that. You can go here to see if you qualify for a reduced registration rate.

**You can return to your registration at any time but your rate is only locked in after payment is made.

***You can return to your registration at any time, but your room reservation will be guaranteed only when payment is made.

****Due to local regulations, each attendee staying at Horizon Village will provide passport information on our form. Passport information is also needed for those needing visa assistance.

***** 1. Credit card, 2. Internal transfer (SIL, WBT, TSCO, JAARS), 3. Other (write to

Any questions or problems with registration please create a ticket here.

For information about the Horizon venue go here. Please DO NOT book a room directly on line with them.