About EMDC

The EMDC Conference began in 2010 as a multi-agency consultation that would meet annually. It is intended to be a venue where minority language workers, Bible translators, literacy workers, language development workers, and “others” in the greater Eurasia region, can meet with media specialists (including radio, TV, internet, mobile), IT technicians, recording specialists, graphic artists, and specialists in Orality and EthnoArts (arts, drama, dance).

EMDC is about

Follow-up and Scripture Engagement ● Orality & Storytelling ● Scriptures by Mobile Phone ● Scripture Apps ● Scripture Games ● Using Social Media/Networks ● Video & Audio Production ● Creating Video Animation ● Discovery Scripture Studies ● Scriptures and Trauma Healing or Substance Abuse ● Ethno and local arts ● Culturally Correct Forms of Distribution ● Distance Biblical Ed in your language ● Digital Publishing ● DMM ● Minority Language Translation, Distribution, & Literacy ● Community Health ● Research, and more.

Attending the EMDC is a must for anyone involved in language and media content creation and/or distribution! The variety and quality of workshops offered was impressive and the sense of community amazing! Thanks to EMDC, I feel that I’m better connected and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead.

Bernard Wagner, The Omega Audio Bible

Because of the 2020 COVID crisis, EMDC 2020 (expecting 900 people from 300 organizations) was cancelled.  EMDC Online was soon launched and hundreds of seminars and workshops can be found at EMDC Online here.  Consequently the EMDC team from several organizations launched emdc.info which can redirect you to the other EMDC platforms: emdc.blog, emdc.guide, emdc.live, emdc.events, and emdc.tools.

EMDC has maintained relatively tight security over the years (even after going public in 2020).  We still do a background/reference check on every person registered for EMDC in-person or EMDC Online.  As a result of the disruptions of Covid (facial recognition, contact-tracing, etc), we cannot guarantee the same security level as in the past.  If you feel that your present situation may be compromised by attending EMDC, please do not attend.


EMDC Contact

Website:  emdc.info

Contact us at info@emdc.info